April was Poetry Month

May 04, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Here it is May. I am dazzled by the spring that wasn't and the poetry that hasn't made it onto my blog page. So here is my tribute to poetry, and the quick trickster that fools with spring and fall and human plans.

Coyote Portrait


Cyote yips, chirps and chatters 

across the valley

Up ravine where latent fall

rides coat-tails of a summer

wet with promise

Her fur is thick and ready

Paws whisper of future bounty

As she trots the gravel road 

toward her den

The beetles, ageless

In their instant lives

Renew in clattering ancestry

We are incandescent twinges 

In a star’s bright life

Insects live eternities and regenerate

One bee becomes another

Honeycomb and universe


the continuity 

of a steely onoburis

spiral of cochlea 

trilobite  shells turn 


Coyote’s lope stirs sand and beetle 

with his fickle paws




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