End of Summer

September 20, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

The road to hell is paved with good intentions. This axiom was integrated into my summer. I created crazy, busy chaos. It was fun, quick, and experimental, but a road I didn't get taken on this blog. So here it is September 20th and I want to get started on a more frequent schedule. The intention of this road began in March with a class in Ridgway. It has worked for me but it takes time to transpose all this discovery into a presentable core. I'm guessing you all will have more time now, too...to write, paint, draw, or otherwise be creative. That's what it is all about, of course. I've talked to others this last month about the creativity crisis in our lives. I admit, I ignored any of you this summer, while I stacked away bits and pieces of creativity in shoe boxes and folders. I wish I were better at sharing. But I'm here now, with ideas, methods, insights and suggestions. You know--there are no rules, just good suggestions. I will make them, try to ignore your ignoring them, and encourage you to not beat yourself up because you didn't think of yourself--first--a little bit--or all the time your life was put on hold. We live in beautiful country, the high desert of western Colorado. Our friends, family, acquaintances, and other explorers find us. It is wonderful, but busy. RIFLE GAPRIFLE GAPmountains fall away into the distance at Rifle Gap, Colorado


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