January activity

January 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I always think January will be a time to get all those things I've put off done- a kind of reverse resolution. And every year I am surprised to see I have so many new and continuous activities to keep me occupied. So I do what any self-respecting procrastinator would do.

I have been fairly faithful to do a collage a day and have two boxes full of these little gems. Some of the collages are mood and fancy pieces. Quotes and sayings are apt to appear. Since these are merely random trials, I have no obligations for perfection or style. They are simply thoughts and discoveries before the sun even gets in the window, which is not that early this time of year.  4. WITHOUT THE DARK THEIR IS  NO LIGHT4. WITHOUT THE DARK THEIR IS NO LIGHT024 another time of radial design Some are investigations of composition. Radial composition has attracted me. The little collages are a chance to explore placement and rhythm for these pieces.

12. BIRD FLYING12. BIRD FLYING007 Radial composition starts with the center of interest and radiates out from it. The easiest way to create a radial composition is to find a location on the 'tic-tac-toe' grid that can bound the collage and set the center of interest on one of the crosses of the grid. Above the circle shape is the main point - or center of interest. From there the bird and color expand.

As any form of meditation or early morning practice, the morning collages help focus and center my approach to the rest of the day. And all those projects I have to catch up on and events to celebrate.


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