Facebook art challenge

February 07, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

This last week I have accepted the Facebook art challenge and posted three paintings a day for five days. The paintings I showed and the few that didn't make my cut but were in my folder are also included, to show my thinking process. I wanted to post my favorites, for no other reason than to share.

Collage is my own challenge. I love the way it builds the painting with rough and raw edges to design an image

Pastel paintings from old photos are a dip in history. I'm not so much interested in copying as I am in interpreting, because the color is all new.

Dogs and pickup trucks started with a show we had at the Apple Shed. It was the real west, and nothing is more real in the west than a dog in the back of a pickup truck.

Landscapes and plein aire painting are just plain necessary. Again, they are not done for any other reason than to enjoy the out-doors, interpret the dirt, the foliage and the sky, and to breath fresh air.  BLUE RED KEYNOTES0055BLUE RED KEYNOTES0055

My abstracts are the loves of my life. Of course no one understands them. I think, however, that abstracts are secret windows to the mind. They tattle out of school and they are not meant, therefore, to be understood. They are paintings that reveal a character: one that no one can describe. Except tp elicit a feeling, or a concept, or even an epiphany. The titles tell the motivator, even if it is as shallow as blue and orange. 


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