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April 03, 2016  •  2 Comments

Videos of Pastel Painting.  PEPPERS AND ELDERBERRYPEPPERS AND ELDERBERRYpastel still-life of vase, pepper and dried elderberries


Here are a few (probably too many) videos on Youtube of pastel painters and others, using different techniques and with different styles. Explore all the possibilities you have time for. I learned something new on each site. I hope you pick up some ideas too.

  1. This is not pastel but an abstract acrylic painter. We talk about loosening up, and we talk about finishing. Both of these items make this a fun video to watch..    Abstract acrylic painting Demo HD Video - Lilium by John Beckley


2. Debora Stewart has great style and a nice approach to composition.

Composition & Color Tips for Abstract Painting with Debora Stewart


3. This is more realistic but Jenny Keal uses some scraping and does some interesting rock forms, as well as the perspective being well worth the view.

Extract from Painting with Pastels DVD by Jenny Keal


4. Marla Bagetta does a lot of demos. When you watch any of these videos it will give you more videos of the artist on the right hand side bar. Each new video gives you more options and you can spend the day watching.

Pastel Landscape Variation Demo by Marla Baggetta


5. I have several sites for Karen Margulis here. Again, check the sidebar for more of Karen’s videos.

The Best Tool Ever for Blending Pastels     Painting My World Karen Margulis

Karen MargulisPastel Demo: A Quick Daily Painting


There you have it for now. Use these great videos for suggestions of more spots to go and learn.



Serviced Apartments Lady(non-registered)
Thanks for the resources, I've been more interested in pastel paintings recently!
I LOVED John Beckley. His underpainting was awesome enough but then what he did with the paint and the tools blew me away. I'm still not back.
And I liked these tools: color shaper and palette knife for "scraping"
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