Warm and Cool

May 03, 2016  •  1 Comment

Spring brings cool weather and warm, almost at the same time. But that isn't what the artist finds in warm and cool.

The temperature of a painting can be warm or cool appearing. A color WARM AND COOL PLAY AT CONFLUENCE PARKWARM AND COOL PLAY AT CONFLUENCE PARKpastel painting playing the warm against the cool in this landscape is warm or cool, i.e. blue is cool, red is warm, but often there can be a cool red when close to a warm red. The paintings I did to show the warm and cool show that temperature is all relative. Isn't that what love is about? You are getting warmer.

The closer an object is to the viewer the warmer it is to the same colored object farther away.


WARMER STILL LIFE WITH CANSWARMER STILL LIFE WITH CANSThe warmer of the two still life's with cans LESS WARM STILL LIFE WITH CANSLESS WARM STILL LIFE WITH CANSthis is the cooler of two paintings, one using cool colors, the other warm. this is the cool. This is the same still life. One is warmer than the other. There are still warm and cool colors, and then some colors appear warmer next to their cousins. It's all relative. 

Happy paInting.


Candice Rosenkranz(non-registered)
Good morning Miss B. Purchased a painting of yours at a resale shop not long ago. It makes me happy! Your colors are lively and draw one into the scene. I need to see some green in a painting, a quirk of mine. You must enjoy all shades of green too as every painting had some shade of green (even if I had to imagine it). So happy to find you online. perhaps your work will help me out of a two year dry spell to paint again. Thank you, Candice R. Rifle, Colorado
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