The Apple Shed

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SUNDOGSUNDOGwatercolor painting of a sunny day and a sun loving dog Summer at the Apple Shed in Cedaredge, Colorado, is always busy. Not only does Connie Williams run an amazing gallery, deli and clothing complex, (as well as cooking shop, garden shop, etc) the Apple Shed is home to Williams Orchards, and Dan and Ty's wine, cider, fruit, and an array of unique  - well- everything! Everything at the Apple Shed is unique. 

The Apple Shed is a destination stop whenever you are on the western side of Colorado. 

HAPPY DOGHAPPY DOGa happy dog in the back of a pickup

I have had my paintings at the Apple Shed since 1996, as a member of the Cedars Edge Gallery co-op, and then in 2005, as a commissioned artist.

Connie and Dan Williams are truly supportive to us in the art field. Being an artist herself, showing her work included, she has an eye for everything creative. It has been an honor to participate in the Apple Shed.

Coming up, in the months of August, September, and October, The Apple Shed is hosting me (Barb Torke) and the Eighth Tribe in the Heritage Room. We are honored and very busy getting ready. We hope to make the Apple She proud. And we appreciate the opportunity. 

DOWNHILLDOWNHILLpastel painting, fanciful dog story


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