Summer in the Mountains of Colorado

August 31, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

BEE ON ALPINE SUNFLOWERSBEE ON ALPINE SUNFLOWERSphotograph of alpine sunflower on the Grand Mesa I am an artist. A painter, specifically. I love the out of doors, ultimately -painting plein aire, walking, hiking, and photographing for the months I dip into my grab-bag of favorite photos to paint what makes me happy.

FIREWEED GRAND MESAFIREWEED GRAND MESAfireweed is the first plant to come when fire has claimed forest acres. Its magenta color and smoky seedpods will remain for many years after the blaze

I don't consider myself a photographer, but I am a sorter, collector and procurer of images. I don't paint many flowers but I love to get down in the grasses and photograph them. Bees and all. These are some of my favorites. They are labeled in my Recent Work Folder (soon to be Wildflower Photos folder) 

SUNSPOTS SUNFLOWERSSUNSPOTS SUNFLOWERSsunspots are one name. They are sunflowers on the Colorado mountain-side   This is the site I go to for yellow Colorado flowers, otherwise known to me as another damn yellow wildflower. CLARET CUPCLARET CUPthe exotic claret cup is a spring beauty along the cliff walls in southern Utah and Colorado among other places This is my favorite cactus bloom, Of course, who wouldn't love its rich red color . PRIMROSEPRIMROSEEvening primrose is a white tissue waving in the sun. It doesn't come every year so it is a special flower of the southwest. Evening Primrose will miss whole years. Then suddenly some spring the roadside is covered with the flutter of white tissue. 

HAREBELLSHAREBELLSHarebells usually seem shy and lonely, but the Grand Mesa, they are jubilant and showy

Harebells have been all over Land's End on the Grand Mesa this year. Actually the wildflowers have been the best ever.

Enjoy more of the wildflowers in the Wildflower Photo folder.



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