A month of skiesSelling sodas by the lakeA month of skiesHound and frogsNOVEMBER SKIESSKY OVER UTAH810dDLRevvLfrontcover8 CLEM AND 8 BATS IN A CAVE _4056 copy 2OWL CLEM 1 _4167 copy10 cover 10 crows_3986 copyFOUR RACOONS _3962 copy6 COTTONTAILS _4590 2 copySNOW STORM CLEM _4175 copyTHE BOYS AND CLEM _4179 copy7 CLEM AND THE MITTENS_3019 copyBUILDING A SNOWMAN _4172 copy1. LITTLE BLACK CAT 1957 _2465_edited-1IMG_7871x 2-11-18 SMALL OWL_7264