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Welcome to Barb's Blog.

I will post weekly (or nearly) some of my opinions, insights, ideas, and adventures about art, travel, plein aire, pastel, and whatever's happening. Join me, feel free to add comments, follow along as I paint and write and explore

Welcoming spring

May 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

What else can we do? Looking forward to mounds of daffodils and hopefully apple  blossoms. Spring is almost behind me.

Great news. Kyle and my second book is available, Hiking the Grand Mesa is another Clementine adventure. This adventure is in the dobies at the foot of the Grand Mesa, and beyond. Geared for the young, 5-8 year-old's, it follows the adventures of Clem, the  rescue dog, and her boys as they climb through the adobe hills and the Grand Mesa. Hiking the Grand Mesa is available at Amazon, or at LovingHealingPress.  Our publisher, Victor Volkman, is terrific to work with. Kyle, as always, is my super Son, and the adorable Clem and her adorable boys, make it fun to illustrate their adventures.  Enjoy. 


CLEMENTINE:HIKING THE GRAND MESACLEMENTINE:HIKING THE GRAND MESAnewly published: Hiking the Grand Mesa, another book by Kyle Torke, writer, and Barbara Torke, illustrator, about Clementine, the rescue dog, and her boys. Published by LovingHealingPress. Available their and on Amazon.


CLEMENTINE: HIKING THE GRAND MESACLEMENTINE: HIKING THE GRAND MESAthe back cover of Hiking the Grand Mesa. It includes information of the book and other details. With the uncertainty of our planet's health, and ours, I have been painting to the interior. 'The Kiss' is a loose reference to Gustav Klimt, as will be the Reinventions for the Grand Mesa Art and Entertainment Center here in Cedaredge. Hopefully I'll have photos to share of my contributions soon. 

THE KISSTHE KISSAN ABSTRACT STUDY OF ACRYLIC, USING TEXTURE AND LAYERS Until then, stay safe. Create. Remember, Isaac Newton was discovering gravity while staying at home during the Spanish Flu epidemic. So go ahead. Create and discover.

Have a great 2020

January 17, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

I ignored my goals in 2019. I did not post weekly. Or even monthly. I have no excuses. I just didn't get to it. I painted. I exhibited at the Apple Shed and the Creamery. I painted plein aire. I painted watercolor and pastel. I illustrated another children's book to go to press in February, 2020. Acrylic was fun to explore a little, and yet the website I ignored.

To be honest it may have to do with the political climate, which I  find disturbing. I don't want to offend anyone so I say little here. I tend to stay close to people with common attitudes. I am a voter of the issues. All of my issues; education, women's rights, health and social fairness, have crumbled or been buried  I don't believe the things I see written. How can we have so little respect for others?  Perhaps I should paint political issues. Perhaps I should state my beliefs in crusading fiery large oils and collage. Yet I love the landscape. I treasure snow and water. I feel the soft tangible love of pets, dogs, cats and horses. 

I will try harder. I will make an effort to say something of value. I love it when people say they like my work, the dogs and people make them smile. I want to paint something that makes them feel. I want to paint something that makes people try. What? Try to be better. Try to love more. Try to imagine and achieve. Try to make this world better for everyone.  Too philosophic? Maybe. I'll try to show how even the pine and the spruce can love each other. Tristan and Isolde


I'll try to accept challenges such as Creek Running Hard, pastel


CREEK RUNNING HARDCREEK RUNNING HARD I'll try to set goals that are positive. Prairie Dogs from Clementine in the Dobies, watercolors, goes to print soon. Another one is in the works for the third Clementine book from Kyle Torke and myself. He writes, I illustrate.. 

PRAIRIE DOGSPRAIRIE DOGS LovingHealingPress is the publisher.

Whatever happens in 2020, I refuse to look at a glass half empty. Lets go for adding joy and enthusiasm for truth and justice in any way we can. Join me?

Happy 2020


Happy holidays and a Grand 2020

December 25, 2019  •  Leave a Comment

Santa is holed up in Florida now, in a hammock with a tiny rum and coke. His red sandals have bells on the heels and his toes twinkle with glitter. 

The reindeer are back on the tundra telling whoppers about where they flew, and their run-ins with satellites and drones. They're whinging because Rudolf got them lost over Bermuda and Blitzen found a penguin in Antartica he wanted to bring home.

I'm settling into my desk chair and skipping my way through ideas and projects. What to do first? So here goes. I hope your holidays are great and your new year exactly what works for you.


Ice Breaking is available

December 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

This is a good time to buy "Ice Breaking" for that young person on your list, The adventures of Clementine and her boys is available at the Apple Shed and Stacey's on Main in Cedaredge, Maggie's Books in Montrose, and as well as LovingHealing Press at . Story by Kyle Torke, Illustrations by Barbara Torke. Snow, fun and adventure. Enjoy. FRONT COVER OF ICE BREAKINGFRONT COVER OF ICE BREAKING


August 16, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Living the Life Show is down. The current show at the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center features Arleta Pech. .She is an amazing still-life painter in the Baroque style. Her opening is Saturday the 18th of August from 5-7. I hope you can drop by and see her showing in the Starr Family Gallery.

Young artists participated in the acrylic painting class at the Grand Mesa Arts and Events Center on August 15. What great fun we had painting fantastic creatures. What great kids, and so involved in their art. I was honored to be their instructor. Maryellen is finishing up in Cedaredge and soon to be on her way to Florida. A final yard sale this next week Friday Aug. 24 8-2, and Sat. 9-noon. She is getting rid of everything. Lots of great buys, since everything must go. 180 NE 4th St. Unit A, Cedaredge. Don't forget us. I won't forget her.

This year has been, so far, a year of beginnings and endings. The art center is a great addition to our little town, and blossoming increasingly. Maryellen leaves to continue her art in Florida, ending a twenty year friendship and business history that was great fun. Bittersweet, this passing of an era. I'll miss her.

The drought makes gardening a past activity. Being a farm girl makes this a hard one to let go. I guess I'll just paint cabbages.

New friends and activities are keeping me busy. I've been working on acrylic painting. I have books to illustrate.

Oh rats, I'm nostalgic.


a couple of my acrylics, and get on with the next adventure.