Barbara Torke | Santa's New-fangled Christmas 9

Santa's New-fangled Christmas 9

December 25, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Yes. As you know, it worked out all right.

Mrs. Claus gave Santa some ear buds to listen to the GPS directions, so Rudolf never knew he was being helped. Mrs. Claus also made chicken gingerbread soup for Donner and he perked right up and hurried to the sleigh. 

She recorded GORT and promised Cupid when he got back he could have popcorn, too. 

She did get a little worried when Santa came home very late.

It seems when Mr. Carbuncle and his son Wally crept down to the living room as the sun came up, Santa was still there. It was almost noon before Wally got his presents.

And Santa had still not figured out a use of Wally's new fidget spinner. He drove home very relaxed in the bright snow and sun. 5. WHAT DOES IT  DO ?5. WHAT DOES IT DO ?


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